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Dried Insect Feed

Dehydrated insects are a popular choice for livestock rearing. Mealworms being the most common we will also be adding superworms and soldier grubs to their menu. With each providing unique dietary resources to meet any requirements we expect a strong response to our introduction of these products.

Waste Proccessing

Our little insects are experts at it. Soldier Grubs process manure and other organic waste into high grade fertilizer very quickly. As an environmentaly responsible option to current methods being used we can provide the farming community with a much needed service and very high quality organic product with zero environmental impact.

Fish Farming

Current pellet feed is leaving much to be desired in this market. Tendancy for the fish to have issues when realeased due to lack of exposure to natural feed has increased demand for live and dried insect feed. We have already recieved interest in this product from Local conservationist. And are looking forward to working with them to provide a high quality and affordabe source of feed

Pellet Feed

Several different insects can be converted to a flour to meet specific dietary needs. This flour can be combined with other ingrediants and processed into a pellet feed for agricultural use. Our product provides a much higher quality of feed at a signoficantly lower environmental and monetary cost. It is an ideal choice for Organic Livestock Rearing. We forsee a strong demand for this product from the local farming community
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