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Conservation Services

Environmental Sustainability

Research has shown insects as a food source to be the most sustainable source to date. Requiring a very small fraction of the resources required to raise other livestock insect farms may answer a demand for protein that is currently damaging our planet. Most of the crops we as humans grow are used to feed other livestock like chickens, cows, and pigs. While insects do require to be fed, pound for pound the resource comparison shows insects to be a far more efficient source of nutrients. While crops have many benefits over raising large livestock, the area required to produce a certain amount is greater when compared to insects. This along with the damage large scale insecticides do to the environment has led us to the conclusion that as far as sustainability goes, insects are the future.

Bee Conservation

We love insects and with that comes a strong respect for our native bee populations. Did you know that honey bees aren't the ony bee's we need to worry about. there are many critical bee species at risk including some that don't even build hives. We intend to develop a program to promote local bee hive ownership in conjunction with programs in support of the many ignored but no less critical varieties at risk in Alberta.

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Programs

When Caring for and raising wild animals for introduction into the wild it is preferable to maintain as natural a diet as possible. Live and dried insects provide a natural source of nutrients as well as help maintain natural feeding behaviours. Discussions with the Institute of Wildlife have identified this as a desirable and needed local resourse.

Waste Proccessing

This one gets a little gross; if you would rather not read about fecal matter we would skip it. One of our main products will be Black Soldier Flies, in the larval form these helpful insects can process manure by the tonne. With a growing population humans are creating a lot more than just garbage. Everything has to go somewhere right? Well thanks to the Black Soldier Grubs we can process massive amounts of manure (from any species) and create a high grade fertilizer to assist our efforts in providing the bee species with healthy flowers.
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