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Pet Trade Services

Fed, Favoured, and Affordable

That isn't just an off the cuff statement. Its a promise we make to you. To ensure your pets are fed with highest quality feed and variety, To favour your pets and allways make their needs the highest priority, and to provide it all at an affordable rate.

Unique Full Service Care Plans

Exotic pets are complicated animals. Many requiring different habitates and nutritional needs. Our care plans are a worry free way of ensuring you have what you need, when you need it. Food types and quantities, Dietary supplements, Habitate support, delivery schedule. Everything tailored to meet your needs. We take the needs of your animals seriously and we pledge to provide the best service and the highest quality products available. We also intend to donate a portion of all care plans to support our rescue and social support programs. Join our forum to find out more and let us know what kind of services would be valuable to you.

Ethical Breeding Programs

Due to the rising popularity of exotic pets we are seeing more and more neglected animals on the market. We want to combat this by breeding some of the more popular exotic pets ourselves. We plan to distribute these animals not through point of sale on the animal but rather through the purchase of a care plan for the animal. This will ensure proper care of any animals that leave our store. At this point in time we are preparing to initiate breeding projects for Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, and Blue Tongued Skinks.

A Focus On Service

Our main concern as a business is the health and happiness of your pets. Animals have just as much variation in attitude, personality, and habits as humans. For this reason we want to be able to mould our services to fit your requirements as perfectly as possible. We will stay engaged with the community and gladly listen to any suggestions or feedback we receive. We plan to be the leading supply of live insects in Calgary and are fully aware of the importance of happy customers in achieving that goal.

Boarding and Care Services

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. We are there to back you up. With boarding and care services you will be able to rest assured that your animal is well cared for while you deal with life.
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