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Donation Rewards !

Everybody Wins

No matter the donation size we have something to offer you. Be sure to check them out below and and as allways we are open to suggestions and feedback. Join us in our Forum and let us know what you think !

Donations From $5 to $100

All donations are cumulative. So over time they will add up to bigger and better rewards. As each level is reached additional rewards will be allocated. this policy will continue through to our development of the rescue and rehab facility and the apiary program.Be confident that your ongoing support will be Rewarded. At his level you will recieve
  • Coupons for discounted feed equaling two times your donation level
  • A tour of our facility to see how we do it
  • Valued member status is our forum
  • Donations From $100 to $1000

    your support will not go unrewarded. Lifetime discounts with early access to all future services we promise to give you value many times over
  • LifeTime Discount of 5% of all products and services
  • Early access to future programs and services as part of our valued customer beta program
  • Free access to all future education and certification programs
  • Automatic invitation to promotinal events and Milestone announcemts
  • Donations From $1000 to $10000

    Wow ! what can we say at this level we really want to show you our appretiation. We will orvide recognition at this level inwhaever form suis your needs. Give us a call and lets talk about it. At the most basic level our reward commitiment at thsi level would be !
  • LifeTime Discount of 10% of all products and future services
  • Founders Plaque on our Recognition wall
  • Unlimited access to our facitlity and programs
  • Email Contact
    NexGen Farms
    236 31 Ave NE
    Calgary, Alberta
    Canada T2E 2E9